Registration for the 2021 Spring Season opened March 7th,2021. CYO will be offering competitive play this spring in the following sports: Flag Football, Track & Field, Baseball, and Soccer. An intramural soccer clinic for children in nursery, pre-K, and kindergarten (child must be 4 year old at time of registration) will also be offered.

We are working under very tight timelines because of COVID-19, so please don’t delay in registering. We strongly encourage everyone to register their children as soon as possible. Registration prior to the dates above do not guarantee a spot!!! We are capping the number of spots on each team (based on sport) due to COVID-19 protocols and spots will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Please note the registration close dates for the following sports:

  • Spring Track: March 17th
  • Flag Football: March 17th
  • Baseball: March 17th
  • Soccer Clinic: April 1st
  • Competitive Soccer: More to come (depends on availability)

In order to register your child, please follow this two step process:

1. All children (except those solely participating in the soccer clinic) must be registered with the Dioceses via their system which includes a fee of $5 per child this spring. You can register your child with the Dioceses via the following link: There is a link there with some pretty self-explanatory instructions so it is encouraged to read them first. Setup involves establishing a family account and then registering each of the children in your family. At the end of the registration process, each child will receive a ID number that looks like “21-XXXXX”. Please make note of those ID’s as you will need to use them later. Please note: Those who already registered in the fall for competitive soccer and plan to play this spring must also complete this step.

2. Register your child with St Anastasia through our online system which can be accessed at You will need to input your child’s diocesan membership number into our system at the time of registration.

Volunteer coaches are the lifeblood of our organization. As a thank you for this commitment, the enrollment fee for the child of the head coach in the sport coached is waived. This rebate will be issued at the beginning of the season.

If you have any questions about the online registration process or a specific sport, please contact us via email at [email protected].

The Saint Anastasia CYO Board

  • Linda Doyle, President/PAR
  • Debbie Doreste, PAR-Emeritis
  • Jim Murphy, Registration Administrator
  • John Dragan, Parish Representative
  • Peter Finamore, Parish Representative
  • Ryan Brophy, Parish Representative
  • Carolyn Cross, Parish Representative
  • Steve Demko, Parish Representative
  • Natalya Roder, Parish Representative
  • Kristin Dunnigan, Parish Representative
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